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The venture of selling your real estate capital can be as challenging as it is potentially rewarding. Where the difference between getting a profitable return or a disappointing loss; can be determined by an overlooked regulation or unforeseen expense. Knowing where and when in the market to make an acquisition or sell your property requires a shrewd understanding of the real estate market as it relates to the economy. Fortunately, Manhattan Realty’s analysts have vast market experience and an excellent track record discerning real estate cycles. Our ear to the ground approach allows our firm to sidestep recession pitfalls and make the most of the seller’s market.

From the onset our extensive database offers the most complete and accessible property descriptions. This offers the client the opportunity to find the perfect development project or investment valuation. Once the property is secured our consulting team can research and work with your bank on the right equity financing package. Also, we will continue to work closely with you through the development phase onto the finished project. As well as provide management consultation and or service of your property if needed.

Furthermore, Manhattan Realty’s brokerage divisions are equally proficient at listing properties for sale. Our brokers can research the real estate market and economic cycle for you and provide a tailored disposition on when to best sell your property. Moreover, we can protect your interests by seeing the entire arrangement through to completion of the sale.

Manhattan Realty is a boutique full-service commercial real estate firm with an unparalleled understanding of the New York real estate market. It has the tools and the expertise to help tenants searching for a New York property. Please fill out the following New York property appraisal form to inquire about selling your property in Manhattan.

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